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Life in Calgary

  1. Title

    12/29/11 20:37:32 | 0

    It is a long time since I wrote anything.   I might sign up for the WIPocalypse though and need a blog address.   I am not sure if folks who are not my yuku friends will be able to see it however.  
  2. Curves

    10/12/07 06:22:58 | 0

    So my daughter and I went to a Ladies Night at Mark's and I entered a contest at Curves. I won two months free so am trying it out. I really need to get into shape and lose a lot of weight. I have been four times now and am gradually figuring out all the machines.
  3. Red Hat Society

    07/27/07 15:56:11 | 0

    I am now an official Red Hat Lady. I paid my dues yesterday and went for my second outing with the group from here in the Park. We went out to Canmore for a very nice lunch and then walked about checking the tourist trap shops. I did pick up a red hat frig magnet but that is all.

    Today we are going out to Cochrane where we will be meeting up with Raychill from Saskatoon at the LNS there.
  4. Reba

    07/15/07 16:47:20 | 1

    Our anniversary was last week and our daughter gave us tickets to see Reba at the Stampede. What a monstrous crowd there was there! I am never going back on a Saturday. The tickets included entrance to the grounds but the performance was actually in the Saddledome. I felt as though I was in enemy territory in that place LOL. I am not impressed with this city's rapid transit system but that is another story altogether. It is not user friendly at all.

    Reba was great...
  5. I won a blue ribbon

    07/11/07 18:18:08 | 1

    I entered two items into the Stampede this year - first time ever doing this - and won a blue ribbon (second) for my small unframed piece. It is Don't Mess with a Senior Citizen, stitched on black and placed into a blue tuck pillow. It was such a happy surprise to see it there.

    I also entered Love with a Capital L but it did not win anything, although it was placed in the centre of the display which was nice.
  6. Bill Cosby

    05/11/07 18:00:22 | 0

    My husband and I, along with our daughter and a friend, went to see Bill Cosby last night. I highly recommend him; he puts on a very funny and profanity-free show. He did a segment on dentists that was spot-on. I could relate to every word LOL.

    I am still wearing the air cast, at least until next week when I have another x-ray.

  7. Ankle not sprained

    04/27/07 19:35:46 | 1

    Ok, so I figured going to the doctor would be a waste of time but decided, after talking to the WCB person that I probably should. Turns out my ankle is broken and now I have this huge air cast boot to wear for a couple of weeks. What fun - not. It is probably just as well though because the foot does still hurt quite a bit, although the swelling and bruising have gone down considerably.
  8. Sprained my ankle

    04/14/07 04:12:55 | 0

    So yesterday I was walking about and stepped off a step that I did not see and went down hard. My left knee is all scraped and bruised, my right hip is bruised and my right ankle is swollen and discoloured. I cannot get my shoe on nor can I drive so my daughter took me to the census office where I returned the material for someone else to finish. I will get paid for what I did though.
  9. I hurt all over

    04/04/07 22:19:30 | 0

    I walked around the neighbourhood for two hours yesterday doing the census, and today I hurt all over. I took the day off and will continue tomorrow when, hopefully, it is warmer.
  10. I really really hate snow

    04/04/07 01:05:22 | 0

    I do not believe it. It is snowing *again*. Or perhaps I should say "still" but it did stop this afternoon.


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